Lean back, turn up the volume, and let the nostalgic grooves of 'September' set the mood as we unravel the magic behind Chip City's decadent cookies.

Incorporating Chip City's signature light blue hue, this video uniquely spotlights each ingredient that makes the Pumpkin Spice cookie special. Filmed in slow motion, each spice cascades onto the screen to meet its companions, culminating in a final tableau that unites the cookies with their foundational flavors. It's a harmonious blend of brand consistency, sensory allure, and storytelling, all set to the timeless rhythm of 'September.'
Crafted for Chip City customers who prefer the comfort of their own kitchens, this video offers a sumptuous serving suggestion for the Pumpkin Spice cookie. Each frame is a vignette of serenity, lit by morning light and set to a tranquil melody. Watch as the cookie is gently warmed to perfection and crowned with a scoop of coffee ice cream—a culinary symbiosis that complements the cookie's rich flavors. An intimate moment with Chip City, wherever you are.
A homage to Chip City's beloved break-open shots, this video aims to elevate a classic format. Captured in sumptuous detail, watch as the non-dairy chocolate chip cookie reveals its gooey core, effortlessly translating the mesmerizing quality of Chip City's still photos into motion. A study in texture and temptation, it's an invitation to experience a familiar moment in a fresh, cinematic way.
Revolutionizing Chip City's weekly menu reveal with meticulous attention to detail. Each cookie is individually photographed, ensuring unparalleled resolution and capturing every intricate texture. The final composite reflects the sum of these delicacies, inviting audiences to appreciate each flavor as its own masterpiece.
I wanted to express my heartfelt gratitude for the opportunity to contribute to the Chip City brand in this creative capacity. The project was a stimulating canvas, allowing me to integrate my expertise in cinematography, content strategy, and detail-oriented execution. I thoroughly enjoyed elevating existing brand elements while infusing my own touches into the mix, all while maintaining a focus on collaboration and safety. I'm excited about the potential of contributing further to your team's innovative vision. Please feel free to reach out for any additional discussions or follow-up; I'm eager to continue our dialogue.
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